THE CHARITES 3 Goddess Series

Goddess Aglaea

If you love having fair skin color, Goddess Aglaea series can help you with that. Brightening your skin is not a difficult task now. You can sit back and enjoy the process without much effort.

Goddess Euphrosyne

Goddess Euphrosyne series offers a perfect skincare maintenance treatment from the basal layer of your skin. People around you will definitely feel your joy when you show your fresh and shining skin confidently. 

Goddess Thalia

A beautiful day comes from a beautiful complexion. Goddess Thalia allows you to own a gorgeous complexion effortlessly. Within 30 seconds, you can bring back your glamour easily.

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Voice Actress - Camilla Lien

...For someone like me who always want fair skin, I definitely chose to use 'Aglaea - Advanced Whitening Serum'. At the first time I used this product, I felt it easily spread on my face and the smell was good. The serum can be absorbed into my skin quickly. After applying this whitening serum for a few days, my skin becomes more brightening than before. I checked out product description on the official website. Advanced Whitening Serum incorporates this micro-emulsion technology, it leads active substance to penetrate to the basal layer of our skin. Moreover, this serum is non-photosensitive, we can use it at both day and night times. I think the result will be obvious if I continue using it for a period of time...


TV News Anchor - Sunny Chen

...As an anchor, I care about my skin condition while broadcasting for TV news program. At the night before I record for TV news program, I used THE CHARITES's 'Euphrosyne - Premium Anti-Wrinkle Refining Golden Serum;. I like the lavender essential oil smell when applying the serum on my face. It made me feel so relaxed and I slept so well that night. When I woke up the next morning, my skin is supple and moisturized. I felt like I have regained my form. Usually, after cleansing my face, I would apply this 'Thalia - Multi-Protection Blooming Day Essence' and leave for work. The makeup artist also said I looked good...

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Key opinion leaders


Host - Alice

I have used 'Premium Anti-Wrinkle Refining Golden Serum' for 2 weeks. I would suggest people to apply 2-3 drops of this serum with pure toner water after cleansing their faces. It can revitalize skin before applying other skin care products. If your skin is rough and dull or your skin becomes too dry and itchy while staying in the air-conditioning room for too long. Just generously apply THE CHARITES's 'Premium Anti-Wrinkle Refining Golden Serum' on your face and massage in a circular motion, it helps with circulation. After that, you can use a warm towel to cover your face for 3 mins, you will see a shining and soften face afterwards.



Music KOL/Instructor/Writer - Patty

Always staying in the air-conditioning room, my skin gets red and triggers inflammation. Since my skin is very sensitive, I have spent a lot of time and effort in choosing skin care products. I care about the ingredients contained in the products, I prefer natural and pure. I really like the packaging of this 'Advanced Whitening Serum', it looks exquisite. This serum applies revolutionary micro-emulsion technology, getting the active ingredients to penetrate to the skin more quickly and effectively, locking in hydration. Also, the serum has natural essential oil fragrance, it makes me feel refreshed. After 3 weeks of application, my skin becomes more luminous than before!


Blogger - frandia_2535

Since we need to wear masks for a long time every day, we do need skin care products which give us a refreshing touch. The serum or lotion has to be absorbed into our skin quickly. This 'Advanced Whitening Serum' is suitable for all skin types. All super good nutrients are concentrated in this bottle of serum. When I spread the serum on my skin, it penetrates into my deeper skin layers. THE CHARITES is recommended by the editors from VOGUE Magazine, it is a MIT brand. I like their plant-based products and premium ingredients used. I can say this serum gives me a radiant complexion and I am blessed ♥︎


KOL - Lisababy

30 seconds for a beautiful complexion every day! It is a magic weapon for lazy girl like me! 'Multi-Protection Blooming Day Essence' can save you time to do makeup and skin care procedures. This day essence can improve you skin's hydration, repairing ability, elasticity, oil-controlling ability, and luminosity! This ultimate secret catches my heart! The day essence is moisturized enough to apply it directly after cleansing and toning your face. It gets rid of your dullness and yellow-tone skin color, leaving you a glowing complexion.

KOL - Ivy

I concern so much about having wrinkles on my face and neck. Recently, I bought this 'Premium Anti-Wrinkle Refining Golden Serum' from THE CHARITES. When I apply it on my face, I feel like I am indulging myself in blossom bushes of lavender! The natural smell from the serum is so appealing to me! This serum includes skin-friendly oil but it is not greasy or sticky at all. In fact, the serum absorbs into my skin quickly. I apply the serum all over my face and neck to smooth out fine lines. It is especially suitable for phubbers! I highly recommend it!

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KOL - yoyoliu

Recently, I have been using 'Algaea - Advanced Whitening Serum'.The texture is between serum and lotion. The essence contains a small amount of mandelic acid and compound fruit acid, which can gently and non-irritately metabolize the aging skin on the surface, accelerate the peeling of melanin that has been formed, and can achieve translucent whitening, moisturizing, repairing, and soothing effects in one bottle. It can also make the complexion even and translucent~The smell is also very comfortable. It is not seasoned with chemicals such as essence, but the natural aroma of natural bourbon geranium. I feel the freshness of nature while using it 🤍


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Customer Reviews

I have been looking for a bottle of serum that is not sticky. I read an article about THE CHARITES from VOGUE earlier and I bought a bottle of their serum for trial. To my surprise, the serum texture is not greasy and it absorbed quickly into my skin.

- Angel Hsu -

My friend gave it to me as my b-day gift. When I opened my gift, I can tell THE CHARITES has put in a lot of effort on its design and details. The packaging is delicate.

- Cathy Kuo-

I have tried using serum from many different brands, but I really like THE CHARITES's products. Their serum smell natural and relaxing, I just love using their products now.

- Jie-ying -

Service is good! THE CHARITES's staff answered my inquiries patiently. Also, their product delivery is efficient.

- Fiona Tsai -

The product looks like an exquisite goods. It is as beautiful as a bottle of perfume. After I applied the serum, I immediately fall in love with it. My skin looks gorgeous after one day. I highly recommend this 'Premium Anti-Wrinkle Refining Golden Serum'

- Amber Huang -

I have super sensitive skin type. But my skin feels comfortable after using THE CHARITES's products. I think the ingredients they use are pretty natural.

- Yu-jing -

OMG! I like their website's style, it looks elegant and beautiful. Their products is as good-looking as those Tier-1 products but the price is way more friendly. I would say it is the brand I would recommend to my friends lately!

- Jocelyn Wang -

I found THE CHARITES's membership rule very interesting. I shared this brand to my friends and I was rewarded generously for my sharing. 

- Xuan-xuan -

THE CHARITES's membership rule is the most attractive one I have ever seen. The threshold of enrolling to level 4 & 5 membership (the highest membership level) is not hard to achieve yet the reward and privileges are special. I think this brand really consider from customers' points of views. 

- Tiffany Tin -

THE CHARITES's Multi-Protection Blooming Day Essence is super good. I used their Premium Anti-Wrinkle Refining Golden Serum last night and applied this Day Essence this morning. Once I arrived office this morning, there were some colleagues who said I looked good and gorgeous today. I am very happy!

- Ariel Li -

I was struggling what to buy for my girlfriend's birthday. A female friend of mine introduced this brand to me. I am pleased that my girlfriend likes it. I think it's a good gift choice. The packaging looks pretty high-end. I will recommend this brand to my other male friends as well. 

 - Hao -

I have been looking for non-greasy serum for a long time. I am glad that I found one from THE CHARITES. I am in love with it now!

- Angel Hsu -

This product looks expensive but the price is affordable. Given the ingredients and packaging they use, I think the price is competitive.

- Vera -

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